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Discovering Newfoundland

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Helen & Wilson


We moved to Newfoundland in December of 2020. When the pandemic hit it pushed us to re-evaluate what was important to us. As we get older and see family and friends battling health issues it makes you think! We decided what we really wanted in life was more quality time and special moments together. We have been successful entrepreneurs, but we worked from morning to night daily. While building a business we neglected to build a life. Yes money is important, and you need it to live, but nobody will ever say when they get older that they wished they had spent more time working. My husband was born in Newfoundland, but his family moved when he was two. He went back a few times growing up, but had not been home for over 40 years. I have never visited Newfoundland prior to moving here, but I am sure it comes across in our video’s how much we love it and how happy we are to be here.

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